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Requirement to certify your boat as mussel-free to participate in Mack Days
Recent discovery of invasive mussels in central Montana has elevated the need to reduce the risk of infestation in Flathead Lake. This is a very serious concern. Starting in 2017, Mack Days will not accept fish from boats that have not been inspected. You must provide proof of certification from an authorized inspector before your fish will be accepted in the contest (we will take entries but not fish).

Pre-2017 Spring Mack Days Boat Inspection Arrangements
Note: The Mack Days Inspections described below do not replace state inspections. Rather, the Mack Days inspections are intended to help ensure that boats involved in Mack Days are clean, drained, and dry before going out for the event.

For the most up-to-date information visit:

We remind all anglers that your boat must be inspected if you are fishing from a boat. We will not accept fish from boat anglers who have not received an inspection from the Mack Days inspection sites or from a state inspection site before fishing that day.

And again, we remind everyone that the Mack Days AIS Inspection does not replace the required state AIS boat inspection. Report any invasive mussel sightings to the National Hotline: 1-877-786-7267.