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Blue Bay Day Use Information and Fee Schedule

Day Use Information

Blue Bay Yearly Day Use Passes are sold with the following stipulations for users:
1. The pass allows the holder to access the Blue Bay Day Use Area (including the boat ramp) without paying the daily use fee. The pass will be given to the holder in the form of an adhesive sticker. The pass is for Day Use only. It is not intended or acceptable for overnight use or camping.

2. The pass can be purchased for a price of

To obtain a pass the purchaser must:
    a. Provide name, address, phone number, proof of possession of a valid license(s) and permit(s) on application.
    b. Provide information and description of the pass holder’s boats, trailers and vehicles that will be towing boats (vehicle license plate number) on application.
   c. Pay the required fee for the pass.

4. The pass is
valid during the annual permit year in which it is purchased. The annual permit year runs from March 1 through February 28 (or 29th in leap years) of the following year.

5. The pass holder is required to
fill out a registration envelope during each entry. The pass number will be entered at the appropriate place on the registration envelope.

6. The pass holder may affix the pass to their boat or to the boat trailer. If the pass holder has more than one boat or trailer the pass can be carried with the pass holder and placed on the vehicle dash during use.

7. The pass cannot be transferred to or used by another person. Violations will result in the forfeiture of the pass without refund.

8. The pass holder is required to follow all applicable rules, regulations and laws pertaining to the Blue Bay grounds and the Flathead Indian Reservation. Violations may result in the immediate removal from Blue Bay grounds and the loss of privileges to enter and use the area in the future.

9. The pass can be purchased from the Blue Bay Attendant or at the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes Division of Fish, Wildlife, Recreation & Conservation office at 406 6th Avenue East in Polson beginning March 6.

Website: Blue Bay Campground
DIRECT NUMBERS: Blue Bay Campground Office & Store (Seasonal): 406-982-3123 Blue Bay Campground Attendant (Seasonal): 406-253-3813
Peak Season Dates: May 1 - September 30 Off-Season Dates: October 1 - April 30

Questions? All questions or comments regarding Blue Bay should be directed to Lester Bigcrane at or call (406) 675-2700 or (406) 883-2888 ext. 7289

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